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Can the Poor Fight Corruption? The Views From Nigeria’s Federal Capital Poverty Hubs of Bwari, Nyanya, Mararaba, Jikwoyi and Gwagwalada

Standpoint Media Nigeria Limited | 09 October, 2019

Let this story begin from the beginning. Five years ago, the MacArthur Foundation, for example, came to a conclusion about corruption in Nigeria. Its own survey showed that corruption is at the heart of the crisis in Nigeria. That survey became the basis of its commitment to a program of amplifying ‘voices from below’ which is still on-going in various forms. Earlier in February this year, Mr. Moletsane Monyake, a doctoral researcher at the Sussex Centre for the Study of Corruption in the Department of Politics at the University of Sussex, UK published an academic paper with serious policy import. Titled, “Can the poor fight back? A multilevel analysis of corruption, poverty and collective demand for accountability in Africa”, the author came to a conclusion that challenged established wisdom. Contrary to existing wisdom, the author concluded that multilevel regression analysis of public opinion data from 35 African countries revealed that the more poor people experience corruption such as having to bribe their way, the more they are disposed rather than discouraged from collective anti-corruption action.
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