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Women Consortium of Nigeria | 23 January, 2019

The Women Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON) with the support of McArthur Foundation on Thursday embarked on training workshop for number of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) in Ogun State, with focus on promoting accountability in Home Grown School Feeding Programme. Penpushing reports that, Home-Grown School Feeding Program (HGSFP) is one of government’s funded social investment programs which focuses on providing a free nutritional meal for Primaries 1-3 of the public primary school pupils across the country. The Director of Programme, Morenike Omaiboje in her welcome address said the project was with the aim of improving school enrolment, improving child health and nutrition, increasing and encouraging local agricultural production, creating jobs and empowering women while improving family and state economy. ‘The program has also been noted to promote local agriculture as it utilises locally-sourced food. This shows that Government accepts its roles as a critical underlying factor promoting nutrition and shows a commitment on the part of the Ogun State Government’. She further explained that overarching goal of this project is to ensure that Government’s main aim is met, which is to ensure that the children beneficiaries identified for the School Feeding Program are adequately fed. The Director also stated that part of the consortium mandate is what is the training workshop, briefing and sharing experience, reports and lessons learnt on this project with strategic stakeholders. She emphasized that, ’and because this involves children, members of the National Council of Child Rights Advocates of Nigeria (NACCRAN) and the Child Protection Network (CPN) are stakeholders in this, and so are all of you’. Download Full Report

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